Your Brand is…

November 21, 2015


scout hobo

I love my purse.  I know it sounds sort of superficial, but it is true I do love it.  It comes with a story, which most everything I do, purchase or experience does.

About this time last year, my hubby John and I were on one of our quarterly mini-moons, and as usual I was on the hunt for the perfect bag.  John was sitting in chair after chair as I tried on purse after purse.  He doesn’t understand trying on something you carry, but you know what I am talking about.  A purse has to match my curves.  That night we went back to our KC apartment with no new purse.

And the next day the quest began again, until John uttered those green light words, “let’s just go to the coach store and get a purse and stop all this trying on, purchasing one dissatisfying bag after another, and this incessant hunting!” Those weren’t his exact words, but that is what he meant.

What a wonderful idea!  This was not my strategy. I was not trying to wiggle him into this declaration.  But I was in complete agreement. And so we went.

As I walked in I saw her immediately.  A peach toned pebble leather scout hobo.  I tried it on. Over and over again.  I was in love.

They salesman agreed that it was the perfect fit, pulled a new one from the back room. (one that was completely untouched), boxed and wrapped it for Christmas.

I didn’t mind the days of waiting, because I had found the perfect purse. And 1 year later I still love that purse.

Is it the color, fit and style? To a certain degree, yes.  But at the end of the day it is what is represented by that small tag that hangs on the outside with those 5 letters, COACH.  That name means something.  That name brings a promise.   A promise that is 74 years strong.  A company that continues to uphold the principles of quality and integrity.   The principles that took a family run workshop to a leading design house in New York.

…a brand built on offering innovation, relevance, and value to a loyal customer base; known for craftsmanship & quality – merging fashion and function.

We all have a brand.   Whether you intend to or not, you have a brand.  You are known for something. There is a picture that comes to mind, when your name is spoken. There is an expectation before you speak one word.

Do you know what your brand is?  What are you defining principles?  Do you uphold those in word and deed?

Is the brand you have the brand you want?

If you want to have influence at work, in your home, at church, or in the community, find out all you can about your brand.  And if it doesn’t match what you desire, Change!

And if what you desire doesn’t match the desires of the Creator, Change!

Brands can change their image, but it takes consistency and time.  Just ask Buick.