His Truth, Parenthetically Speaking


August 6, 2011

Sometimes I feel a bit like this beautiful insect! 

She got herself trapped on our side screened porch.  She was magnificent and my sweet hubby rescued her and set her free.  Silly girl, why did she wander into the trappings of a screened porch?  For What was she looking ? Why would she would leave the freedom of the great outdoors to explore our porch?  Was she just not paying attention and inadvertently found herself in a place she had no intention of being?!

 I wonder what she thought about as she buzzed around desperately looking for escape, rescue.   I wonder how she felt when she realized that when she rested, when she finally stilled herself, she was rescued.  It probably seemed scary to be scooped into a plastic bowl and transported by a human, but the ride was relatively short and then she was free again!

She has yet to return and I think she learned her lesson.  Sweet thing!

How about me?  How about you?  Ever find yourself trapped?  In a place (situation) you never intended to be in?

How did you get there?   Curiousity or just not paying attention?  What freedom did you leave to be entrapped? 

For some it is great bondage (entrapment).  Sexual sin, substance abuse, great debt…for others it might be, what seems, a less serious entrapment; procrastination, too much chocolate, saying the wrong thing…

 But all traps rob us of freedom. 

 Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10

Just for today, make no plans to rescue yourself.  Just listen to Him, wait for Him!

 He will rescue, He is your refuge, and He will make a way for you.

And then when the plastic bowl arrives, jump in, enjoy the ride (even if the destination seems unknown and the ride is scary), and then you will be free again!!!

 P.S. I feel like this sweet creation, I have been in the Opryland hotel for over 60 hours at the MOPS international convention!  My plastic bowl takes off at 6:30 tonight!!!!  I can’t wait to share with you all the wonderful people I met and the cool stuff I found!!