His Truth, Parenthetically Speaking

Things aren’t always as they appear!

April 2, 2011

I knew it was April Fools and yet I got caught… twice.  The second time was the best!  In fact as I type I am giggling to myself. 

The company I work at has 2 buildings separated by a wide parking lot.  I was in the other building for a meeting and as I entered my building I headed straight to the bathroom only to see the sign “restroom closed for cleaning”.  Really, in the middle of the day?  So I headed back to the other building to use the restroom.

Upon my return a dear teammate, said, “Kim I think that is an April fool’s joke.”  Well I went straight over to a designer’s desk to accuse him.  This is just the type of tom foolery he loves. 

You know sometimes things aren’t as they appear.    Sometimes it’s really funny to get fooled.  Once I received a little herb garden for my birthday.  I watered it and carefully carried it home.  3 days later as I watered it (again), I noticed that it was artificial.  I still don’t know where all the water went!

But sometimes being fooled is quite dangerous.  Most expecially when it comes to things that are eternal!

Our mind so often goes into auto pilot mode and predicts what we think something is, or says, or means. When in fact the very message and messanger we are trusting is not fooling us.

The most dangerous of moments are when the message may be ever so slightly off.   And we find ourselves on a slippery  slope of believing just a little untruth at a time, until we find ourselves completely fooled.

The ones who teach you, (whether it’s through a podcast, from the pulpit, in a written bible study, a book or in a one to one to situation), are after all just human.  Many are divinely anointed teachers and oh how grateful we are for them.  but no matter who the messagener is, enforce this rule of thumb,  trust, but verify.

No matter how careful man is in dividing the Word, they are still just men.  The one and only completely God inspired, inherent, timeless, spot on message is the scripture.

Daily call on the Spirit, go to the Word, read, pray, and listen.  And then, and only then will you be equipped for every good work.

Don’t stop reading and listening to those who have the spiritual gift of teaching, just make them second when it comes to a resource for spiritual growth!

2Timothy 3:16, 17

All scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thouroughly equipped for every good work.