Parenthetically Speaking

Just a Pollyanna…

February 5, 2014


I’m just a Pollyanna.

What’s a Pollyanna?

What has now become a somewhat negative term to describe one who always sees the bright side of any situation, had its beginnings in a book, entitle Pollyanna by Eleanor Porter in 1913.  Pollyanna, the main character became immortalized by Hayley Mills in the 1960 Walt Disney production entitled Pollyanna.  The message is simple; a girl with radical optimism changes the hearts of many.

A girl with RADICAL OPTIMISM, changes the hearts of many.

I am a Pollyanna.  And sometimes that makes me feel stupid.  I hear comments like, don’t be naïve, I don’t think you should trust ______, be careful or you will be hoodwinked, don’t get manipulated…

In a world bent on self-proclamation and self-preservation, we Pollyanna’s are viewed with a bit of disdain.  Oh sure people will say, I wish I could be more positive like you, but deep down, they just think I’m stupid.

Oh I know they want to protect me, but protect me from what?  From whom?  I don’t care about what others do to me; I only care what I do to others.  I have been called to invest, pour out my life like a drink offering, and give away what has been given to me.

And I know through experience, that you cannot out give God, and pessimism never wins a battle.

Oh I know you level headed thinkers are tied up in knots right now, but fear not.

I balance my check book

I lock my house

I listen carefully to what people say and do not say

I have goals, disciplines, and measures

I am not just bumbling around like a long lost hippie of the 60’s.

I just chose hope, no matter what.


So if you are a Pollyanna, (one who is radically optimistic with a desire to change the hearts of many) wear it proudly!  No apologies, no excuses, no reassuring the pessimist (they call themselves realist).

And if you are not a Pollyanna, I am not asking you to change.  Just latch onto a Pollyanna, because everyone needs encouragement.

Proverbs 31:25

Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come