Flashbacks, Parenthetically Speaking

I ran away today…

March 25, 2011


Don’t worry I’m coming back and I took John with me.  I love to runaway.   This time I really ran away, no real plans, no agenda, just 4 days of nothing. 

It’s a perfect start-yummy salmon last night.  Rolled out of bed at 10:00 this morning, ate breakfast (lots of fresh fruit and grainy cereal and a nice cup of Tribute from Starbucks-Via is my friend) and then out to the golf course.   I don’t play but it sure makes for a challenging walk!  Who knew it was so hilly and long-wow!

The beauty was amazing-green green grass, flowering trees in bloom in hopes of a warm day (thus far not happening), water running over the rocky creeks (if you wanna warm this southern girl’s heart please put aside your phonics and pronounce ‘crick’), and to top it off listening to Pandora Glee station (I agree the show is starting to get sketchy, but I love the music still). 

As I walked all alone (wimpy golfers in the warm clubhouse) I pulled my hoodie tight around my ears, pulled my hands up in my sleeves and began to think.   But instead of thinking forward, I thought backward and I began to think about what running away looked like in my past.

John and I married in 1986 and by 1987 we started a baby business (no income in this business, but lots of love).  By 1993 we had 4 children 5 ½ and under, lived far away from family and John traveled with Wal-Mart 40 weeks a year.  My running away looked very different then. 

I have snapshots in my mind of runaway moments from those days.

Putting the little ones in their bedrooms for nap-time and sitting on the stairs crying.  Crying for help, asking the LORD if I could really do this, exhausted, unnerved, lost, afraid, and hopeless.  And then I would pull myself together and face the rest of the day.

Daily runaways of sitting at the sofa table with four little backs of heads watching TV and me approaching the throne as Bert and Ernie taught my little ones numbers, and letters. 

Runaways where we never left, but we ran away from routine by having  popcorn and m&m’s for dinner, letting all skip school and going to the movies, impromptu after dinner dance parties, beach parties in January (inside of course), park days (sometimes interrupted by swarms of bees).  And sometimes we ran away from the dailies,  for hikes,  lake adventures, beach vacations, Silver Dollar City (11 times one summer)…

But what I didn’t do was runaway with my hubby enough.  We came up with a million excuses-money, time, the kids, pets, schedules, commitments…

If you are a young mama please run away with your man at least twice a year. 

If you are a mama of older kids (and the schedules they bring, sheesh!), run away with your man at least twice a year. 

If you are a mama with an empty nest (or almost), or a couple with no kiddos, runaway with your man.  I know you have all the privacy you could ever want right there at home, but you gotta go away to run away from real life (I know you; if you try to runaway at home, you will be doing laundry, paying bills, honey do projects…)

If you are single runaway from the routine of regular days!

More later, I need to get back to my runaway adventure!

  • carol wright March 26, 2011 at 9:57 AM

    Love the article and to be sure we have all had those feelings. I can remember my mom sayng when she was hanging clothes on the line she would look up and see a plane. In her heart she longed to be on it no matter where it was headed….

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