His Truth, Parenthetically Speaking

I just wanna love Jesus…

April 5, 2011

Stop screaming at me, okay that’s a bit dramatic.  Stop bossing me.  Yea that’s more like it.  Oh, I know that’s not what you mean to do.  You are well meaning, just trying to be helpful.

You just want me to be rightly dressed, use the right skin cream, look 10 years younger, look fit, feel fit, eat fit, (fit into my jeans is what you are really saying).

You just want me to be a great wife, a great cook, a great friend, a great neighbor, a great…

You just want me to have a heart for the poor, a heart for young moms, a heart for the widow, a heart for the singles, a heart for…

You just want to teach me to save money, clip coupons, garden, recycle…

You just want to inspire me, teach me, correct me, train me…

You just want me to be…what you want me to be.  Homogenized, so we all look alike, act alike, feel alike…

So I am asking you to stop, cause all I wanna do is love Jesus.

I am asking me to stop, not you. 

You are trying to be helpful, but sometimes it feels like you are screaming at me, bossing me, insinuating that I am less than.

How about this, all I wanna do is love Jesus.  So I will set my heart on Him only, each and every day.  Then your voice will grow quieter.

I will still hear you, but it won’t be screaming, because His soft whisper will be ever present in my ears.

It won’t feel like bossing, because He will be the LORD of me.

And I bet with this new perspective, you will look like help.  I will filter you and take the good, and leave the bad.

Yes, that’s the way.  That’s the way to be in the world and not of it.

Okay, that’s how we will do it.

Just a reminder to you world; you are a nice place to visit, but you sure ain’t home.