His Truth

His Truth, Parenthetically Speaking

You are beautiful!

April 18, 2011









Did you know you are beautiful?

You are beautiful when you laugh,

You are beautiful when you weep,

You are beautiful when you worship

You are beautiful when you pray…especially when you pray one for another

You are beautiful when you speak wisdom

You are beautiful in so many ways.

 Oh I know you have ugly moments

(Ugly is a synonym for mean in the south.  I bet I’ve said a million times to my children, ‘Don’t you be ugly’.  They know it has nothing to do with looks it’s all about the heart).

 I know you think ugly thoughts sometimes

I know you say ugly things sometimes

I know you feel ugly towards others

I know ugly things have happened in your life, some by your own hand

I know you give ugly looks sometimes


But I see the beauty…

Why?  Because I know the one who rode into town on Palm Sunday to cheers and beauty and then suffered a very ugly death that led to a beautiful resurrection that made even the ugliest heart pure and beautiful.


That’s why I chose to see the beauty (oh don’t worry, I will call out the ugly when I see it, but my focus-where I dwell is on the beauty)

 The beauty of you!

 You being draped in a white robe of righteousness bought by the blood of the lamb.

I see your beauty and for those that I see physically my heart nearly bursts with joy at the sight of you! 

 Your beauty is staggering, because it is His beauty shining through.

His Truth, Parenthetically Speaking

14 Women make a party!

April 7, 2011



Last night was such a special treat.  14 women met for dinner.  Although the food was fabulous (yummy Cuban pork with an amazing citrus garlic laced sauce), it was the conversations that I feasted on. 

I am truly a talker more than a listener but last night I listened (oh, I talked too, but I made a point of listening intently).  I loved hearing their hearts.  You know I am beginning to realize that we girlies are so alike.  We all have the similar struggles, frustrations, hopes, and dreams.   And although the specifics and situations are all unique, there are many similarities, especially it how it feels.

I heard stories of health issues, potty training frustrations, stories of how hard it is to keep a marriage going, prodigal sons, financial struggles, foster care unknowns, adoption… What a sweet time of transparency. 

And the laughter, oh the laughter!  And all the funny stories over steaming cups of coffee!

One theme hung the conversation together-Loving Jesus and learning day by day to lean into Him and wait.

No one likes to wait.  It is the unknown that is difficult.  In fact hearing wait is so much harder than an out and out no!   But what if we viewed the waiting as if we are waiting for a surprise?  What if we viewed the waiting as if it was part of a suspense novel and we held the lead character? 

Don’t get me wrong.   I am not belittling the concept of waiting.  Waiting is serious business! 

But, what I am proposing is that we hold our hands with open palms ready to receive whatever He sends.  That as we wait we wait with expectancy not expectations.  That we wait with anticipation not fear.  That we wait with excitement not fear.

There are dozens of scriptures that assure us that He knows…He knows all…He knows you!  And not only does He know you, He loves you…deeply.  So deeply He gave His life so that you and I could spend all of eternity with Him. 

But you don’t have to wait for eternity to spend time with Him.  Start today! 

One sweet friend quoted her little sister last night-don’t ruin the surprise He has for you…wait!

Are you waiting on something, someone, some call, some news, some day?

Stand firm and wait, don’t rush ahead. 

After all, you don’t want to ruin the surprise


His Truth, Parenthetically Speaking

I just wanna love Jesus…

April 5, 2011

Stop screaming at me, okay that’s a bit dramatic.  Stop bossing me.  Yea that’s more like it.  Oh, I know that’s not what you mean to do.  You are well meaning, just trying to be helpful.

You just want me to be rightly dressed, use the right skin cream, look 10 years younger, look fit, feel fit, eat fit, (fit into my jeans is what you are really saying).

You just want me to be a great wife, a great cook, a great friend, a great neighbor, a great…

You just want me to have a heart for the poor, a heart for young moms, a heart for the widow, a heart for the singles, a heart for…

You just want to teach me to save money, clip coupons, garden, recycle…

You just want to inspire me, teach me, correct me, train me…

You just want me to be…what you want me to be.  Homogenized, so we all look alike, act alike, feel alike…

So I am asking you to stop, cause all I wanna do is love Jesus.

I am asking me to stop, not you. 

You are trying to be helpful, but sometimes it feels like you are screaming at me, bossing me, insinuating that I am less than.

How about this, all I wanna do is love Jesus.  So I will set my heart on Him only, each and every day.  Then your voice will grow quieter.

I will still hear you, but it won’t be screaming, because His soft whisper will be ever present in my ears.

It won’t feel like bossing, because He will be the LORD of me.

And I bet with this new perspective, you will look like help.  I will filter you and take the good, and leave the bad.

Yes, that’s the way.  That’s the way to be in the world and not of it.

Okay, that’s how we will do it.

Just a reminder to you world; you are a nice place to visit, but you sure ain’t home.

His Truth, Parenthetically Speaking

Things aren’t always as they appear!

April 2, 2011

I knew it was April Fools and yet I got caught… twice.  The second time was the best!  In fact as I type I am giggling to myself. 

The company I work at has 2 buildings separated by a wide parking lot.  I was in the other building for a meeting and as I entered my building I headed straight to the bathroom only to see the sign “restroom closed for cleaning”.  Really, in the middle of the day?  So I headed back to the other building to use the restroom.

Upon my return a dear teammate, said, “Kim I think that is an April fool’s joke.”  Well I went straight over to a designer’s desk to accuse him.  This is just the type of tom foolery he loves. 

You know sometimes things aren’t as they appear.    Sometimes it’s really funny to get fooled.  Once I received a little herb garden for my birthday.  I watered it and carefully carried it home.  3 days later as I watered it (again), I noticed that it was artificial.  I still don’t know where all the water went!

But sometimes being fooled is quite dangerous.  Most expecially when it comes to things that are eternal!

Our mind so often goes into auto pilot mode and predicts what we think something is, or says, or means. When in fact the very message and messanger we are trusting is not fooling us.

The most dangerous of moments are when the message may be ever so slightly off.   And we find ourselves on a slippery  slope of believing just a little untruth at a time, until we find ourselves completely fooled.

The ones who teach you, (whether it’s through a podcast, from the pulpit, in a written bible study, a book or in a one to one to situation), are after all just human.  Many are divinely anointed teachers and oh how grateful we are for them.  but no matter who the messagener is, enforce this rule of thumb,  trust, but verify.

No matter how careful man is in dividing the Word, they are still just men.  The one and only completely God inspired, inherent, timeless, spot on message is the scripture.

Daily call on the Spirit, go to the Word, read, pray, and listen.  And then, and only then will you be equipped for every good work.

Don’t stop reading and listening to those who have the spiritual gift of teaching, just make them second when it comes to a resource for spiritual growth!

2Timothy 3:16, 17

All scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thouroughly equipped for every good work.

His Truth, Parenthetically Speaking

I have a place…

March 31, 2011

Today as I was bouncing from meeting to meeting, feeling energized by all the creativity around me, I found a moment for a bio break (that’s what you call it at work, as a stay at home mama we called it going tee tee, one of the many adjustments I had to make).  On my way I saw Mr. Don Leech  (one of the founders of DaySpring)coming down the hall.  Anytime I can steal some moments with him, I’m going to!

As he sat down in one of the yummy brown leather chairs in our foyer, I approached him took his hand and introduced (actually re introduced) myself.  I sat down in the chair next to him, leaned in close and told him thank you.  Thank you for your obedience, thank you for the choices you made 40 years ago, thank you for your consistency, thank you for seeking the LORD, thank you for taking the steps ordered for you. 

Because of his choices (and the choices of the other founders as well), I have a place.  I have a place to grow professionally, to minister to coworkers; to do work that has meaning, to touch the lives of the many that engage with the products we produce.

I have a place…

Now it’s my turn to prepare a place, a place for the next generation.  A place for them to minister, to be godly wives, godly mamas, godly coworkers, godly friends. 

And it’s your turn, your turn to find your place (after all there is only one you and if you don’t play your part, who will?).  Your turn to prepare a place for the next generation. 


To make a better community, not really (that’s nice, but temporary).  To make a better America, not really (that’s nice, but temporary).  To make a better world, not really (that’s nice, but temporary).  So why?

Why find your place? Why prepare a place for the next generation?

For one reason and one reason only (although there will be other benefits, the motive is singular). 

So that no one will malign the Word of God! (Titus 2:5b)

The gospel is what drove the founders of DaySpring 40 years ago, and now as I enter the building it’s what drives me! 

I want to make choices and decisions in all areas of my life in order to do what the ones before me did-make a place for the future generations!

Where’s your place? 

It may be in the schools, the workplace, your neighborhood, overseas, it may change (probably will change) as you pass from season to season.  But regardless of where your place is, will you join me with a single minded motive and prepare a place so that no one will malign the Word of God?!

Titus 2:4,5

Then they (older women) can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.