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31 Days Challenge

The Rhythm of Life…

October 5, 2015





I travel. Probably more than the average bear. And with these travels I have discovered many things. I have seen most of it (it would be a bit extreme to say I’ve seen it all).
People checking in-this is a time and a place that many forget what they learned in kindergarten, how to form a line. When left to ourselves our line appears to be a cluster, with the occasional traveler pushing his or her way to the front. This is usually the result of lack of experience, impatience, or fear. The rhythm of travel.
Over weight luggage is one of my favorite moments. There’s such shock and disbelief on the face of the accused. The conversation goes something like this:

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Parenthetically Speaking

Like a Tree…

June 12, 2015

Let’s be honest, some mornings, many mornings, okay MOST mornings, it seems to be a herculean effort to just walk over pick up the bible and spend 15 minutes reading, listening, worshipping, praying.  Why is this?  I easily open my phone and begin watching the lives of others through social media.  I answer emails as if they have a short fuse and will self-destruct if I don’t get to them immediately.

But the very thing, the very words, the very small time investment to start my day off correctly seems to be the most impossible.  This one step of obedience is the hardest to take.

Well if you are like me, I hope to help. Here I am in your social media stream, hoping to interrupt you with a bit of information your heart truly desires…the truth.

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Parenthetically Speaking

His Love Endures…

September 16, 2014


Who is He, anyway?
He is the Lord.
He is good.
He is the God of gods.
He is the Lord of lords
His love endures forever.

Is He Powerful?
He does great wonders,
He made the heavens, He spread out
the earth upon the waters,
He made the great lights;
the sun to govern the day,
the moon and stars to govern the night
His love endures forever.

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Parenthetically Speaking

The table is…

September 9, 2014



table and chairs


The table is just four legs, (or a pedestal) with a slab of glass, wood or laminate on top. Square, rectangle or round-not much creativity in geometry there!

Of course this four legged thing with the flat slab on top demands chairs, ugh! The chairs are usually a separate purchase.  What a racket!

And those chairs, now we have a dilemma.   What to pick…slipper/side chairs (no arms), captain’s chairs for the ends (so wait, you get to sit at the head of the table and have the better chair with arms?! What kind of madness is that?!).  Cloth or wood.  Take it from a mom of 4, get wood, really dark wood, that can be cleaned (read hosed off) daily.  Forget the ones with fancy scrolling if you have kiddos, mac and cheese, or marinara will surely finds its way to those crevices, ugh and gulp!

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Parenthetically Speaking

I love Saturdays…

August 27, 2014


Saturday, a day filled with promise and no demands.  My Saturdays nearly all begin the same way-a nice long walk or hike.  Usually, preferably with my dog, my daughter and her dog on the hiking trail at Lake Fayetteville.  Sometimes on the best Saturdays my Little Rock daughter and her dog will join us.

But occasionally I find myself waking up on a Saturday morning in a city, with no dog or daughters.  Those walks are harder to start but can be magnificent just the same.

I love to head out around 9:30 when the city is waking up to receive the day and her patrons.  (Also I start at 9:30 because I can’t bring myself to get off the couch before that).

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