About Kim




I think parenthetically and write parenthetically-reader beware!

I think that some of the best things in life come in the parenthetical moments. You know the small (or big) interruptions! Life is full of interruptions.

I have come to embrace life’s interruptions and I hope to encourage you in your parenthetical moments!

Details (too few or too many, you decide)

I am madly in love with Jesus; madly in love with my hubs (most days); and crazy in love with my kiddos (most of them, most days!).

Married 32 years, 8 children, & 6 grandchildren.

We started with four children who have offered many a parenthetical moment (some great, some not so great)!  Let’s be honest, it’s family! Then we added 4 add-ins, (that’s what we call our 2 sons-in-law & 2 daughters-in-law)  Our kiddos are as follows in birth order because in our family EVERYTHING is in birth order.

Michael + Cassie = Matt  & Jack
Khaki + Travis = Kenny
Allie + Jamey = Audrey, Ty, & Lennon
Dawson = Tara

It’s nearly impossible to get a family picture printed and framed before the next one comes along!

My faves (in life)

Brownies in a round pan with powdered sugar on top…Breakfast for dinner…Music playing in the house…Wearing an apron…snuggly robes and slippers…A warm puppy that sits close (head resting on my ankles)…Fresh sheets…Summer days-(all of them!)…Water-(all shapes and sizes) …the first cup of coffee each morning…quiet moments reading the Bible, writing in my journal and praying (not too quiet though)…people (lots of them)…sending or receiving mail (real mail, like through the post office)…long dinners with great friends…kids (all ages and stages)…shopping…reading…